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Hearst Tower Green Skyscrapers

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“Working with Rudi Design was an investment for our company, and it has already paid off.”

Timothy Mohn, Vice President of Technology, NBC Universal

“Petrit Rudi is a joy and pleasure to work with and comes up with innovative solutions to web problems”.

William Ng, Director of Technology, G4TV

“Petrit works like he personally owns each project and has an incredible ability to adapt. He leads with his hands dirty.”

Paul Moore, Communications Director, Art Prize

"Petrit Rudi is what I would call a 'rock star developer'. He has an incredible attitude and personality combined with years of experience and extremely creative, intriguing work."

Tomor Rudi, President, Pika Studio

"HTML/CSS is like Petrit's first language. There is nothing he can't do."

John Meachem, Vice President, Clive Wilkinson Architects